Read Your Bookshelf A Thon Update!

I have finished book 2 of the read a thon! Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes was an awesome read! I am thoroughly enjoying this series and I can’t wait until I can go and get the 3rd book! I also found that the 4th book is due to come out December 15th this year! I am sooooooo excited, can you tell!? 😉

Falling Kingdoms is a series that will give you all kinds of feels from happiness to crying, to shock and horror. Its got a world that is rediscovering magic and a blood thirsty king with his obsession for power. Its got romance, heartache, betrayal, and rebellion. OMG, this series has given me such a book hangover that I have only gotten 21 pages into the Lux series so far…… And this is the series I was most excited to get to! I highly suggest to everyone who has not read this series yet, to go get it and read it NOW!

So, yeah. Besides me falling in love with the Falling Kingdoms series, I am excited that I actually finished 2 books so far and may be able to even finish a third! Or at least a good chunk of it since I will have to work the next 2 days 🙂 Its all good though. Honestly I have already read more than I really thought I would. So I would not be disappointed at all if I don’t finish this one in time. I am still going to try though!

I am already liking it! What book nerd isn’t going to fall in love with a book blogging character!? Am I right!? I love reading stories about book nerds and bloggers/writers. It fascinates me because it makes me think of things that I want to do with my life. Which is to work with books! That would be heaven.

Well, that’s all I can think of for right now! Its getting late in my timezone so my brain tend to try and shut down on me….. Little does it know…….well, actually it has to know…….. that I am going to make it read for a while longer before I have to go to bed. Blasted work that I don’t want to be too tired for!

Talk to you latter!

Thanks for reading!!!!! ❤


Fall Is Officially Here!!!!

Yay!!!!!!!!!! Fall is here!!!!!! Yes that’s right. Today is the first day of Fall and I couldn’t be happier! Fall is my favorite season of the year. A truly magical time for me 🙂 I was so excited that Fall was upon us that I thought it was last month…….. I felt like an idiot after that one…… LOL!!!! 🙂 Oh well, it is here now and that is all that matters to me!

So, other than that, I am excited that I finally finished a book! I know right!? It has been forever!

I finished Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes. It was the first book I chose for the Read Your Book Shelf A Thon that started yesterday and goes until the 29th. I finished Falling Kingdoms and started Rebel Spring which is the second book of the series. I am really liking it and am at a point that it’s hard to put the book down. It’s going to be a shame when I finish this one and have to wait till I can go and get the third one. Then hopefully the fourth one will have come out or will be soon after (I believe it is a 6 book series) so I can get that one as well! As of right now I am almost half way done with Rebel Spring and will definitely be finishing it before the end of the read a thon. So I will be starting a new series once I finished this book.

The next series up is the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I have heard great things about this series and I am excited to start it! It will be my first Alien series I have ever read. I am wanting to try something new and with all the great things I have heard about this series and Jennifer L. Armentrout herself so I figured this is a great place to start! I, for one, am very excited! I have the first 4 books of the series because I got the 2 special edition bind ups of the books. So, I will only have to get the fifth and final book of this series for it to be complete! I have had them for a few months now and the only reason I haven’t started them before now was because of all the other books I had already had going. This read a thon has helped motivate me to finally finish a couple books that have been on my TBR since March! I am thankful for that and will be doing many more read a thons in the future!

Now, as excited as I am about Fall being here and talking about books, I’m going to get off here and go read more! I would love to finish Rebel Springs tomorrow. Friday at the latest 🙂

Talk at ya latter!!!!

Thanks for reading!!!!! ❤

Cabin Weekend!

So! Cabin weekend was awesome!!!! I miss it so much already! I really need to go camping more……

We left Friday night after Moira was done cheering at her game. Grandma and Grandpa showed up as well so they and the kiddos stayed and watched the rest of the game. They had a lot of fun doing it too! We had left and started heading for Chain-O-Lakes! It was dark out by that time and there was a storm rolling in. It was really pretty watching the lightning across the horizon and behind all the trees! I couldn’t get a good picture of the lightning unfortunately.

We arrived at the cabin at around 9:30 and got the car unloaded just in time for the rain! Well, we kind of stuck in it a bit….. We got everything that couldn’t get wet inside just in time and we finished just before it started to pour! I read out on the porch and sat in the swing and read while watching and listening to the storm. It was heaven!


The next morning, Michael and I were the first ones up and everyone else followed shortly after. I helped our friend Jen make biscuits and gravy for breakfast (OMG, SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!) and then we started playing D&D!!! These are some pictures I took while everyone was finishing eating…….

IMG_0691 IMG_0692 IMG_0693 IMG_0694

After breakfast we started playing. We played from around 9 or 10 in the morning until around 12:30 at night! We only took a couple food breaks throughout the day during which, we watched the old Dungeons and Dragons cartoon! It was so funny comparing the cartoon to how things work in the game and I think we all were in agreement that Eric needed to be slapped around a bit because of how whiny and selfish he was 🙂 LOL!

We also had a fun little challenge to keep us going through the game as well! Our friend Austin when to the store in the campgrounds to get some orange juice to go with breakfast and came back with these HUGE jaw breaker type suckers! We started them in the early afternoon and sucked on them for HOURS!!!!

IMG_0695 IMG_0697 IMG_0701

5 out of 7 people finished them! Once we started, we just couldn’t stop. It was like we had to defeat our own personal enemies! It was fun but, our tongues and taste buds paid the price! But, it was worth it!!!!!

Sunday we had to pack up and head home. We didn’t get to go hiking because of the rain and I didn’t get to read a whole lot…… Obviously 😉 It’s all right though. I’ll make up for it this week!

It was a bitter sweet ending to the game this time. We all survived when we expected a couple of us at least to die and we saved the world! We had finished this campaign after over 6 years of playing. We had grown to love our characters after all this time and though we are happy they all lived, we wont be playing them anymore. However, there will still be cabin trips to look forward to as we are starting a brand new campaign with Alex being the DM instead of his brother Travis. I am going to be sad for a little while at not playing Anastrianna anymore but, I am excited to be starting a new character and new campaign. A whole new adventure and I have no idea what to expect. Makes it all very exciting!

The Time Has Finally Arrived!

Its cabin weekend!!!!! I am soooooo incredibly excited!!!!! We are all packed and ready to go! We just have to put everything in the car. Want to know what books I am taking? Of course you do!

So, besides taking my Nook that has over 200 books on it (including ones I have read 😉 ), I am also taking Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes and Lux Beginnings (the bind up of the first 2 books) by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I have been wanting to read this for a while! It will be my first Alien type book and I can’t wait to give it a try! I have heard nothing but good things about this series 🙂

I kind of put Harry Potter down for the moment. I know it wont last long. I did just put a hold on the audio book of it from the library. I am loving it of course, I just can’t seem to get past how big the book is and I am too impatient to get some of the other books (like Falling Kingdoms) that I have started, finished. So I am going to work on finishing those while I wait for the audio book to make its way to my phone 🙂

Well, that is all I have for you this time! I need to get off of here and finish getting things around. I can’t wait to get going! It may have been raining all day but it hasn’t dampened my spirits! Just makes for perfect reading weather 😉

See ya next time!

Thanks for reading!!!!! ❤

Starting Anew and Excitement!

So, after much deliberation, I decided to move my blog here from Blogger. I liked Blogger and everything but WordPress has proven more convenient for me.

So, anyway. I have lots of excitement this week! First, it was our major trash pick up in our little town which made me very happy! My hubby is on vacation so we have been able to get the house cleaned and decluttered. He even cleaned out the basement as I took a nap yesterday! He was very awesome for that and I was very grateful! It has made the basement slightly less creepy to do laundry in 🙂 I was able to go through all the kids toys while they were at school. I was able to throw away sooooooooo many toys! It made me happy because I can finally reclaim some of our house! Oh! For those who may not have major trash pick ups like this, it is basiclly when we are able to set out EVERYTHING we want to get rid of. This includes toys, tvs, furniture, ect…. Its a wonderful 2 times of the year for me!

Other than getting the house cleaned up, we have been preparing for our cabin weekend with our friends! Once a year, we have an adult only cabin trip (since most of us have kids). It is a much needed little break for us and we get together and have a weekend to just relax and have fun with each other…….and we play Dungeons and Dragons!

Yes. We play D&D and we are damn proud of it! We already play every week and have for about 7 years. During those times though, we still have to be parents sometimes. So it is nice being able to get away for a weekend and not have to worry about whether I have to go put kiddos back into bed or not. Plus, being out in the middle of the woods is just so great and detoxing for me! I wish I could put into words how being out there makes me feel. Its such an overwhelming great feel that every year we go, I feel like I am going to cry with happiness. If I could live out there, I would in a heartbeat. I so cannot wait to get back out there on Friday! Only 2 more days! We are going to be leaving right after Moira is done cheering at her game! I am excited to get to see her do something she loves as well! She has been having a ton of fun cheering and it makes me very happy to see her so happy!

Its just been a very heart filling week and I couldn’t be happier!

Well, that’s it for today. I will see you again on Friday! I will make sure to post before I leave 🙂 See you then!

Thanks for reading!!!!!! ❤