Read Your Bookshelf A Thon Update!

I have finished book 2 of the read a thon! Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes was an awesome read! I am thoroughly enjoying this series and I can’t wait until I can go and get the 3rd book! I also found that the 4th book is due to come out December 15th this year! I am sooooooo excited, can you tell!? 😉

Falling Kingdoms is a series that will give you all kinds of feels from happiness to crying, to shock and horror. Its got a world that is rediscovering magic and a blood thirsty king with his obsession for power. Its got romance, heartache, betrayal, and rebellion. OMG, this series has given me such a book hangover that I have only gotten 21 pages into the Lux series so far…… And this is the series I was most excited to get to! I highly suggest to everyone who has not read this series yet, to go get it and read it NOW!

So, yeah. Besides me falling in love with the Falling Kingdoms series, I am excited that I actually finished 2 books so far and may be able to even finish a third! Or at least a good chunk of it since I will have to work the next 2 days 🙂 Its all good though. Honestly I have already read more than I really thought I would. So I would not be disappointed at all if I don’t finish this one in time. I am still going to try though!

I am already liking it! What book nerd isn’t going to fall in love with a book blogging character!? Am I right!? I love reading stories about book nerds and bloggers/writers. It fascinates me because it makes me think of things that I want to do with my life. Which is to work with books! That would be heaven.

Well, that’s all I can think of for right now! Its getting late in my timezone so my brain tend to try and shut down on me….. Little does it know…….well, actually it has to know…….. that I am going to make it read for a while longer before I have to go to bed. Blasted work that I don’t want to be too tired for!

Talk to you latter!

Thanks for reading!!!!! ❤


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