September/Read A Thon Wrap Up!

Alrighty then! I am back to semi normal again! I was sick all last week and I haven’t felt that bad and drained in a very long time. And it was just a cold! With a mix of really bad sinuses and allergies…… All I have left to do is go back to the doc to get a flu shot and then I can put this all behind me. Kiddos wont be happy though because I will be taking them with me to get their flu shots as well…… Its a necessary evil 😦

Anyway. On with the updates!!!!

Ok. So first I am going to do the Read Your Book Shelf A Thon wrap up. I completely finished 3 books and read half of the 4th book before the end of the week! In pages, I read a total of 1082 pages!!!! That is a lot for me! It did help that I was sick for most of the read a thon so all I did was read because I didn’t have energy to go anywhere or even clean. A huge positive to reading! The books I read during the read a thon were Falling Kingdoms and Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes and I finished Obsidian and read half of Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Both series are amazing!

Now for the September wrap up! Just read the above paragraph 🙂 LOL!!!!! Yes, that’s all that I read in September with the exception that I DID finish Onyx by the end of the month. So I read a total of 4 books last month and that makes me happy. That’s the amount of books I shoot for finishing each month anyway. I just read them all in just over a week instead 🙂

Well that is all for this post! I will talk to you soon with my October TBR!!!!

Thanks for reading!!!! ❤


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