Starting Anew and Excitement!

So, after much deliberation, I decided to move my blog here from Blogger. I liked Blogger and everything but WordPress has proven more convenient for me.

So, anyway. I have lots of excitement this week! First, it was our major trash pick up in our little town which made me very happy! My hubby is on vacation so we have been able to get the house cleaned and decluttered. He even cleaned out the basement as I took a nap yesterday! He was very awesome for that and I was very grateful! It has made the basement slightly less creepy to do laundry in 🙂 I was able to go through all the kids toys while they were at school. I was able to throw away sooooooooo many toys! It made me happy because I can finally reclaim some of our house! Oh! For those who may not have major trash pick ups like this, it is basiclly when we are able to set out EVERYTHING we want to get rid of. This includes toys, tvs, furniture, ect…. Its a wonderful 2 times of the year for me!

Other than getting the house cleaned up, we have been preparing for our cabin weekend with our friends! Once a year, we have an adult only cabin trip (since most of us have kids). It is a much needed little break for us and we get together and have a weekend to just relax and have fun with each other…….and we play Dungeons and Dragons!

Yes. We play D&D and we are damn proud of it! We already play every week and have for about 7 years. During those times though, we still have to be parents sometimes. So it is nice being able to get away for a weekend and not have to worry about whether I have to go put kiddos back into bed or not. Plus, being out in the middle of the woods is just so great and detoxing for me! I wish I could put into words how being out there makes me feel. Its such an overwhelming great feel that every year we go, I feel like I am going to cry with happiness. If I could live out there, I would in a heartbeat. I so cannot wait to get back out there on Friday! Only 2 more days! We are going to be leaving right after Moira is done cheering at her game! I am excited to get to see her do something she loves as well! She has been having a ton of fun cheering and it makes me very happy to see her so happy!

Its just been a very heart filling week and I couldn’t be happier!

Well, that’s it for today. I will see you again on Friday! I will make sure to post before I leave 🙂 See you then!

Thanks for reading!!!!!! ❤